Hamrick's next Bus Week is

September 11-16th, 2017

Register your group today by calling: 864-487-7505

  • Hamrick's has a long history with providing bus groups and activity centers a day of great shopping at a discounted price.

    Your group must make a reservation in order to receive the Bus Week benefits.

Your group not on our mailing list? Call Rita Loving at 864-487-7505 ext. 1512 and give her
your information and start receiving information by mail.

• You must register your group or 11 or more. Canont be used with purchase of gift cards. Must be used on day issued and one time use only. Coupon must be redeemed at time of purchase and no cash back allowed. Hostess & driver will recieve separate incentive coupons. Register today! Call (864) 487-7505

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